December Devs (DD) is a sole proprietorship LLC, run by Emma Lindsay (Linked In)

DD specializes in full stack development, and can take on either full stack, front end, or back end projects.

In House Services

I.e. – Emma will be doing all the programming herself

  • Free intro call/initial interview for potential clients
  • Rate $120/hr for ongoing projects (half rate introductory period)
    - $60/hr for first 2 weeks of 1+ month projects
    - $60/hr for first 3 days of 1 - 4 week projects
  • High proficiency languages and frameworks
    - Ruby on Rails
    - Node/JS
    - Python/Flask (Django OK)
    - React/JS
    - Angular/JS
  • Special Deals: willing to cut a discount (negotiable) for:
    - Rust projects
    - Blockchain/Crypto related projects
    - React Native

Outsourcing Services

I.e. – Emma will source other developers for this project, or can manage developers you source

  • $60/hr for non US based devs, or $120/hr for US based outsourcing
  • After 3 months, if you want to work directly with a developer you got through December Devs that's fine, you can hire them directly or keep working through DD
  • Services provided are basically endless here, but notably, all front end mobile (except React Native) will need to be outsourced

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